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Oily skins might do better with this herbal serum than they do typical moisturizers

In the summer heat, I find myself avoiding heavy moisturizers, even though I know that I need them. I know that with the increased sun exposure, it's more important now to keep my skin hydrated, but slathering on a moisturizer on a humid day just bums me out.

Payot Gelee de Choc

It's no secret that Payot is my favorite skincare brand. Not only is it French, but it has products to address just about any concern you may have, from complexion to body. Gelle de Choc is one of their newer products, and yet another that is in heavy rotation.

Olay Total Effects Moisturizer plus Cooling Hydration

Multi-tasking products are excellent for busy days and traveling light. Olay has excellent anti-aging products that can be found just about anywhere, and this lotion is well worth the price tag.

The five best moisturizers for oily skin

Having oily or breakout prone skin is absolutely no reason not to moisturize. While you may think that it is just adding to the problem, the truth is that those with oily skin need moisturizers just as much as those with dry skin. A good moisturizer will prevent your skin from overcompensating with oil as well as help with anti-aging.

Origins releases new saw palmetto and mint line to control oil

I mention it all the time, but my skin can get pretty oily and breakout prone, especially this time of year when the humidity is at 1502% and the temperature is 98 degrees. Keeping shine down is a constant battle, and eventually you just get sick of it and give up.