Specialized eye creams.

Relax with Naive Beauty’s Magneteyes

I adore eye patch treatments that stick on under your eyes and help remove puffiness and dark circles. Not because they are an amazing skin product that work so well, but because I almost always use them as a perfect excuse to lie down and have a few minutes relax time. Skin benefits are purely secondary.

Collagen Fibre Eye Pad Kit by Reviva Labs

I have issues with my eyes. No matter what I do with makeup (and I have a lot of tricks) I never quite manage to get rid of the dark circles and hollows right under my eyes.

Time to De-stress: Talika Eye Decompress

When you’re packing your suitcase to head on to the inlaws for that horrid holiday dinner/vacation/family visit, don’t forget to throw in a few […]

Because I’m Smart Enough to Search the Internet: Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles Edition

I don’t know what’s pollinating or floating around in the air lately, but I’ve been a big allergic mess. Not only am I sneezing and dealing with a stuffy nose, but my eyes! If they aren’t watering, they are itching. They are puffy with huge dark circles that my doctor tells me are “allergy shiners.” […]

Product Review: Fresh Lotus Eye Gel

While it’s called a gel, Fresh Lotus Eye Gel really isn’t. It’s more like a light […]