Bath and Body: lotions, powders, skin everywhere but your face.

Spa Day: The Flowering Almond Spa in Virginia Beach

Thanks to a very generous gift from Neutrogena, I was able to visit the Flowering Almond Spa here in Virginia Beach, located in the Founders Inn.

Neutrogena’s Red, White, and Blue Sunscreen Guide #chooseskinhealth

Look, I know and you know that you’re going to be out in the sun today, if you haven’t already been this weekend. And consider yourself lucky, because I missed one of those suntastic days dealing with “talk a big game” Hurricane Arthur who blew through and just threw some leaves around.

At any rate, you […]

Sunscreen Essentials

Yes. You need sunscreen. You actually need it all year round, but you definitely, positively need it when the majority of your skin is exposed to those UV rays.

Tweezerman teaches us how to get precise curled lashes

I've found that people are either really into curling lashes or they don't do it at all, and sometimes I wonder if some of that isn't because eyelash curlers can look really intimidating. But once you get the hang of it, it's super easy to do, and it really opens up the eyes and gives them the illusion of being bigger.

14 must-have beauty products for travel

I'm always adjusting the products that I take/don't take when I travel, and this is my current must-have list. What would you add?