I lurve NYX. I discovered them years ago while browsing through Ulta and was blown away by how great the products were for such a low price point. Exploring the line makes you believe that you can get high quality makeup for not a lot of dinero. I wish I would have known about it (or that it even existed – I’m pretty sure it didn’t) in my college (read: poor) years. Instead I was saving my pennies to spend on Ulta II’s (yup, I’m ancient) new long wearing line (revolutionary!).

ANYWAY. I blew a whole $17 on this Nouveau Chic Avant Pop Palette┬ábecause I was bored of everything else I had going on, and nude shades were getting tiresome. Worth every penny. Like every NYX eyeshadow I’ve ever used, the pigment is fantastic and they are long wearing even sans eye primer. They have another Avant Pop palette called Art Throb with brighter, more exciting shades, but I was feeling low key.

Swatches from the NYX Nouveau Chic Avant Pop Palette

Here are the shades (these have no real names, I’m just winging it here):

  1. Satin pearly white
  2. Matte dusty rose
  3. Satin amethyst purple
  4. Satin lavender
  5. Satin gray-blue
  6. Matte cream
  7. Shimmer champagne
  8. Satin marsala
  9. Stormy blue with a purple shift
  10. Deep green with black and gold shift

This palette can take you from light, airy nudes to deep smokey eyes. It’s great for travel since it’s so versatile.

$17 anywhere NYX is sold: Ulta, CVS, Target, etc