I’m just going to say it. I’ve had the same set of pots and pans since 1996, the year I got married (20 years this year omg wtf). And I use my pots and pans just about every day, especially since I had kids. Even more so now that we live in a massive suburban neighborhood instead of a beach strip with 10 different restaurants within walking distance. Yes, I miss the beach (I get asked that all the time), no, Texas is nothing like it. But instead of a beach I have a pool, and that’s not so bad.

And I got sidetracked again. Let me get back to my pots and pans. They were top of the line at the time, made out of stainless steel, which is the best at transferring heat evenly. I could use any utensil on them – wire, metal, whatever, it was all good. But one thing it didn’t have was a non-stick coating. I was that lady at the grocery store that still bought steel wool, because someone around here was always burning something in a pan – teenagers don’t pay any sort of attention to things on the stove and I’m honestly surprised that they survive the teen years.

For a long time I was pretty suspicious of non-stick coating. I had seen it start to flake off right into food. I couldn’t deal with black chunks of teflon on my dinner plate, it seriously freaked me out. How much cancer was that going to give me later? So I waited. And waited. Then the new generation of non-stick came out, and the world rejoiced. Or maybe it was just me.

So after the holidays and right in that “everything is on sale I must buy all the things!” time, I got an email from my favorite kitchen store, Sur la Table (seriously, I had never been in one until I moved to Southlake) advertising a turquoise (!) pot and pan set created as a joint venture between The Green Pan and Sur la Table. I lurrrrrve it. It’s so amazing. And I’m not just talking about the color.

The non-stick coating is actually ceramic, and it’s completely non-toxic and won’t peel all the way up to 600 degrees. If you’re trying to cook  your food at 600 degrees, you’re doing it wrong, just FYI. The stainless steel handles are very, very sturdy, and not thin at all, great if you pick up your Green Pan and throw your food around (I do not, but there is always someone who thinks they can flip a pancake). My other favorite thing about them is that it requires little to no oil for cooking. Let’s say you want to scramble an egg. Crack your eggs in a bowl and whip them with your hard core metal whisk. Heat your Green Pan to medium, and dump your eggs in, lowering the heat to medium-low or low. They will take an extra minute to cook, but you will have totally healthy, no oil eggs that are fluffier than eggs cooked at a higher temperature. The set included bamboo cooking utensils to use on those eggs, and silicone coated tools are good as well, just make sure your silicone is always on point and not chunking off.

Included in the set were tempered glass lids, safe in the oven up to 390 degrees, so you can move your Green Pan from the stove to the oven (cornbread, anyone?).

For those environmentally friendly folks (which really should be all of us in this day and age), the Green Pan line is created with upcycled stainless steel and aluminum.

The cost of my Sur la Table & Green Pan set was about $79. I felt like I was stealing it from them, the pans are so awesome. I don’t know if they have the same set still, but I know they carry a line of Green Pan merchandise all the time, which is great if you want to add to your collection.

And I want to mention, I am not receiving a thing from this post, not even an affiliate commission. I haven’t talked to their PR. I’m just a happy customer who loves to talk about cooking pans.

Available at Sur la Table, costs of pans vary.

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