I have very sketchy luck when it comes to any BB cream. I’ve mentioned before that I think most of them are glorified tinted moisturizers, and the other half are too thick. I’ve never had a problem with shade, but there is always a first time for everything.

My first time was with L’Oreal Magic Anti-Fatigue BB Cream. It says that it’s for all skin tones, but don’t be fooled! The cream itself was an apricot color, and I was looking forward to having skin that wasn’t tired-looking. I haven’t been sleeping well, and I’m always amazed at how that affects your skin.

ANYWAY. The texture of the cream is pretty awesome. It’s super light, and has almost a powdery finish. It’s not thick, it applies easily, and according to L’Oreal, it hydrates, evens skin tone, revives tired complexions, and perfects. All of those things seemed great. Then I walked into the kitchen one morning and my 12 year old daughter said simply, “your face is orange.”


So that was that. Now it lives in my makeup drawer waiting for someone who is brave enough to try it.

L’Oreal Magic Anti-Fatigue BB Cream is available at most mass retailers like Walgreens (where I got mine), Target, and even some grocery stores.

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