I have never messed with any kind of floral anything. I’ve never really lived in a house that needed it, unlike this one with lots of wide open spaces that cry for SOMETHING. Now I know why the floral department in craft stores are busy, bustling places.

I started with the three glass cylindrical containers. I figured these would be easy to work with, and could be used as a basis for any sort of design, whether it’s in my entryway or (more likely) my formal dining room table. I’ve never had a formal dining room table, and one thing I learned while checking out decor of other houses we looked at around here, floral decor is just a REALLY BIG THING.

I’m not one to be subtle, so I grabbed some raffia strings, a small bouquet of coral flowers, ¬†and a floral garland in the same colors. I was just really into this coral thing going on. I stuffed raffia in the mid-size container and plopped the bouquet right into it. Easy. Feeling all drunk on my ability to really make beautiful floral designs, I decided to stuff raffia on the bottom of the biggest container, then somehow wrap the garland around the inside. I’m not really sure what I was going for there, and the end result just didn’t look pretty. At all. It looked like someone jammed a plastic floral garland into a big glass vase and called it good.

So I wasn’t sure really what to do with it. I stopped into Hobby Lobby the other day (I don’t normally shop there because I don’t agree with their politics, but it’s right next to the house and my daughter needed more art supplies to add to her already endless stash of art supplies. While walking around I found the fun twirly branches in the floral section under naturals. I liked the green color (obvs not natural) and thought maybe with some of these I could make that garland work. Took them home and NOPE. It just looked like big twirly pieces of grass sticking out an oversized glass vase that was jammed full of raffia and garland.

I was getting a little frustrated.

A few days later I was wandering around Michaels alone to pick up something else I needed, and I saw this bright, big – no, huge! – fun flower that stood about three feet high. I LOVED IT. They had them in all sorts of spring colors, but I stuck with my tried-and-true coral. I grabbed it and headed home to master that big vase that had turned into my nemesis.

I pulled the garland out, rearranged the raffia and the “naturals” and stuck the big flower right in the middle. I did have to bend the stem about six inches to make it work with the other stuff in there, but it worked. And I love it.

The floral garland, however, just didn’t have a place anymore, and I wasn’t loving it as much as I had when I bought it. So I arranged it around my old, old, entryway table for the time being. I really need to trim off that circle on the end that is clearly obvious to everyone.

I have a lot to learn about this floral stuff, so stand by as I talk about it endlessly until I feel competent enough to actually decorate a table or something.

The pewter candlesticks were from a consignment shop here in Dallas, and the silver LED tapers came from my favorite store Soft Surroundings. I managed to grab the last set in the store during their after-Christmas clearance. It was a score.