Have you heard about this new trend? I had vaguely heard about sleeping masks via an article in Allure, but they didn’t really register with me, mostly because my skin is so oily (I know, I mention that all the time) and I worry about something heavy on my face all night. Light, powerful anti-aging moisturizer is key for me. But I was browsing through “my” new local Sephora, and saw these little one-time use sleeping masks, and I knew I needed to try them. For research. Yeah, that’s it. Research.

Essentially, a sleeping mask is a product that you apply at night, usually a thick consistency with a lot of staying power, that helps skin care concerns as you sleep. So, if you don’t have time for that hydrating mask that requires 45 minutes on your face, you can throw these on at bedtime and not worry about them until you wake up in the morning.

I picked up three sleeping masks: Honey, which is used mainly for hydration; Green Tea, an anti-blemish and mattifying formula; and Pearl, for brightening. Then I headed home and waited for a night that my husband was gone to give them a whirl (he’s gone all the time, what with being an airline pilot and all, so I have lots of time to do crazy bedtime routines that I wouldn’t want anyone else to see).

Each of these sleeping masks were gel-like formulas, and the single serving size is super generous. You can seriously slather it on thick, and you should – it’s amazing how quickly they absorb into your skin. More is definitely more in this case.

The Honey mask made my skin feel super soft and buttery almost. While I don’t have dry skin (at all), I’ve found that since moving to Texas my skin has changed a little bit, and some occasional heavy hydration doesn’t hurt, as long as I’m solid in the rest of my skin care routine (which involves major exfoliation because I’m obsessed). This fit the bill perfectly, because it wasn’t a heavy cream, it didn’t break my skin out, and it did some good work.

The Green Tea mask was much lighter, but still made my skin feel pretty amazing. I wasn’t broken out at all, but this would be perfect for a more regular use for someone with my skin type. Not as hydrating as the Honey, but still a power player for oily skinned folks.

The Pearl mask was mostly for brightening. Again, the gel-like texture felt great on my face, and while my face wasn’t pure radiance when I woke up, it definitely had more of a rested look. A vitamin C serum would probably have a much better effect.

Now if I could just find one that corrects color, I’d be thrilled.

Each one-use package is $4 at Sephora.

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