When relationships end, even the best of us have trouble managing our emotions and temptations (to contact the other person – no no no!), which is why LA-based therapist Jane Reardon and entrepreneur Jeanine Lobell of Stila Cosmetics created Rx Breakup. Rx Breakup is an app that is available now on iTunes and will be releasing an Android version in the coming days that helps you deal with all those feelings and thoughts after a bad breakup.

“All of us can relate to the emotional pain of heartbreak. Too many of us get hung up on the past that we forget how resilient we can be when motivated. Rx Breakup is that extra push we all need from our fingertips. It’s an app that speaks to the current breakup climate. These days, relationships and breakups often take place in the digital sphere— we thought, ‘Why can’t break-up recovery take place there, too?’” said Jane Reardon and Jeanine Lobell.

The app prescribes a 30 day 3-step program with three daily objectives:

  1. What’s Happening: analyzing your mental, emotional and physical status
  2. What to do: something to focus on
  3. What to write: a therapeutic writing prompt to help you journal

Reardon and Lobell have thought of everything users might question— all the way down to social media etiquette. Furthermore, the app anticipates post-breakup anxieties, helps identify overlooked red flags, and eases the temptation to call or text that certain someone.

Don’t be miserable. Rx Breakup can help. And look for more Rx apps to roll out soon.

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