Boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA ++

I’m new to the B.B. phenomenon, and I was fortunate enough to get a chance to try the new Boscia B.B. Cream. It’s a new texture for me, and took some getting used to, but within a few tries, I was absolutely and utterly hooked.

During the summer, I normally don’t wear foundation at all (unless I’m going out), instead preferring to wear tinted moisturizer, thinking that not only did it give some color to even out my skin tone, but it had some skin benefits as well. Now I’m thinking that I wish I had the Boscia B.B. Cream, because it’s that and then some.

If you’re wondering what the PA means, it’s the Japanese level of UV protection. They have PA+, PA++, and PA+++, three pluses being the most protection available. For reference, it can be translated as having an SPF (the American version of this scale) of 27, and you shouldn’t really be leaving the house with much less than that. Remember, you do have to be generous with this cream (just like any facial sunscreen) to make sure you are getting enough product to equal that protection. The sunscreen in the product is a physical one, versus a chemical one which is much better for those with sensitive skin.

Where did the whole B.B. Cream thing come from? Well, that’s an interesting story. The term originated in Asia, where they were called “Blemish Balms” or “Beauty Balms”. Boscia is a Japanese skin care company, and this is one of the first mainstream BB Cream releases in the United States. Not only is it oil free, it is also free of preservatives, paraben, color, and artificial fragrance. It’s meant to be a treatment for skin, helping to brighten skin with anti-aging properties as well as give the skin a beautiful finish. It is hydrating and buildable, so you can use it in place of foundation or as a foundation base. It helps to smooth the skin’s texture and minimize pores and over time, help firm skin. Talk about a multi-tasker! Just what I want in my beauty closet. Also, I would be neglectful if I didn’t mention my favorite thing about this product: the touch of mica it has. Those light-reflecting particles make the skin look so much better and just about completely banishes dullness and adds luminosity.

For now, Boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA++ is exclusive to Sephora, and costs $38. Check out a few swatches in the slideshow below: